Yu-Ting Chen

Yu-Ting Chen,


Postdoctoral Fellow 

Institution: School of Occupational Therapy, Dalhousie University 

Country: Canada 

Primary Research Interests

Primary activities relating to ACT Assess & Connect 

Yu-Ting is leading a community engagement team in the ACTing collectively project, which is using the ACT Assess & Connect tool to assess older adults’ unmet needs in communities. She is also a research team member, a certified ACT trainer and an assessor.  


Dr. Yu-Ting Chen was trained as an occupational therapist in Taiwan (’07 BSc at National Cheng Kung University and ’09 MSc at Chang Gung University). She had three years of clinical experience. Yu-Ting’s career passion is helping older adults to live healthier, more active, and more engaged in the society. 
In 2019, she completed her PhD degree in Rehabilitation Science at McGill University. Her PhD research focused on older adults’ self-awareness of driving performance in their everyday driving environment. The study findings have contributed to improve their driving safety and outdoor mobility. 
Currently, working as a postdoctoral fellow in IC3RG, Yu-Ting continues to expand her knowledge and skillsets in advanced quantitative analysis (e.g., IRT), self-management of chronic condition, and social prescribing.