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We’re improving the lives of older people globally

Our team have been on a decades long journey to aid the care of those in most need.

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Creative partnerships with leading global research teams

Through assessment, identification and connection with older people, Age Care Technologies® aims to find ways to improve the lives of older people across the globe. Since its inception, ACT® has developed, deployed and validated three digital tools.

ACT® Assess

Our platform supports a conversation with an older person about their concerns relating to the top 56 threats to their independence and wellbeing.

It’s the only globally validated tool for recording older people’s concerns and priorities for their independence and wellbeing.

ACT® Connect

ACT® Connect provides decision support to help older people and their families access services through approved channels.

A follow-up assessment is undertaken to record outcomes and respond to ongoing concerns. This is repeated at regular intervals thereafter until the older person has no concerns left.

ACT® Insight

ACT® Insight provides data and reporting about population needs and outcomes. It’s used by researchers and policymakers to undertake comparative population analysis.

We’re on a mission to help 100 million people by 2030

Our mission is global – and exceptionally ambitious

By working with stakeholders, policymakers, support services, and local and national system leaders, we’re making a massive impact.

While our population is ever ageing, the time to act on decades of research is now.

Our Impact

60 years in the making

This research path started in 1964


Since 1998, there are more people living above the age of 65 than to ever have lived before this date


Adding one quality life year per person can save £30,000 in care costs. Source

A generation of work

“Our methods have been studied and proven before Age Care Technologies was founded. After spending 30 years creating a digitised and scalable model, we know this is a better way of delivering healthcare. It’s invaluable to be recognised for this work by the United Nations with a WSIS prize.”

Ian Philp, Founder

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Our team is on a decades long journey to aid the care of older people.

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