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ACTTM Assessment Tool 

The majority of the common issues which matter most to older people regarding their health, independence and well-being, such as loneliness, needing help with self-care or feeling as though they are a burden, are not reported. ACTTM Assessment helps identify these needs and allows care providers to access local resources to address these concerns.


ACTTM Training

Caregivers of older people lack recognition, sufficient training and the correct support for the complex and important work they do on a daily basis. ACTTM Training provides caregivers with essential information through online, blended or classroom training to help them deliver high quality, compassionate care.


ACTTM Analytics

Policy-makers, service providers and businesses lack the relevant information about what matters most to older people. ACTTM Analytics provides unique information about the needs of older people, from their point of view, across countries and in different populations, helping with the development of products and services.




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