Bruce Finnamore

Director of Business Development

Bruce Finnamore is leading ACT’s business development strategy towards its aim of improving significantly the lives of 100,000,000 older people by 2030.  He has a professional background spanning over 40 years in the health and business sectors. 

Originally a Graduate Management Trainee, Bruce spent 8 years in the NHS, was the Chief Executive of an independent hospital in central London and joined PriceWaterhouse in 1986 to establish their health consulting practice.  In 1991, Bruce founded Finnamore Management Consultants – a niche consultancy specialising in health and social care. 

In 2009, Finnamore merged with The Health Works and The Change Works to create Finnamore Ltd, the UK’s largest and most successful independent health and social care consultancy.  Finnamore Ltd was acquired by GE Healthcare in 2014, to become GE Healthcare Finnamore. 

Bruce co-founded the Foundation Trust Network, now NHS Providers.  He was a member of the Department of Health Advisory Group on NHS Futures, and was an advisor to the British Government and Department of Health on major NHS reforms. 

Bruce is known for his excellent facilitation skills and is highly experienced in working in sensitive and political environments.  His particular expertise is in health strategy; organisation and team development; and investment appraisal.  He has been Chair and non-Executive Director of a number of Boards.  He is passionate about improving health and wellbeing and is currently involved as an investor with a number of philanthropic and commercial ventures. Bruce is an alumnus of the London Business School.  He is both Chair of the House of Laity, and also a non-Executive Director of the Bishop’s Council for the Diocese of Bristol. 


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