Nur Elçin Boyacioğlu

Nur Elcin Boyacioglu,

Nur Elçin


Institution: University of Istanbul

Country: Turkey 

Primary Research Interests

Primary activities relating to ACT Assess & Connect 

Nur is in the planning stages of a feasibility study.  


Dr. Boyacıoğlu received her undergraduate degree from Istanbul University Bakırköy School of Health, completed her master’s (2011) and doctorate degrees (2015) in the field of Mental Health and Diseases Nursing from Istanbul University Health Sciences Institute. The doctoral thesis is about family members who care for the elderly.

She is the vice chair of the Gerontology Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa and has been teaching various courses on elderly care, disadvantaged groups and women’s mental health since 2010. Her areas of interest in her work are often caregivers, loss and grief, women’s mental health, violence and sexual minorities.

She was a board member of the Psychiatric Nursing Association between 2014 and 2018 and has many publications in her field. She also successfully carries out refereeing duties in national and international journals.