Please find a collection of information resources relating to movement and mobility below.

Locomotor 1

Stay Active at Home - strength and balance exercises for older adults

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Good animation and description of exercise that can be done in the home to help mobility and general fitness.

Get up and go –
A guide to staying steady

Saga in partnership with PHE England & Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

A supplementary guide for the video Stay Active at Home (above) which includes more information about falls prevention and related topics.

Timed get up and
go test

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Video explaining and demonstrating the timed get up and go test (which can be done at home or in clinic) and helps to assess a person’s mobility and if at increased risk of falls.

Factsheet – Choosing disability equipment

Independent Age

Disability equipment can help keep people independent at home and in the community, whether you need an adjustable bed, a scooter or just some helpful gadgets.

Ageing and the locomotor system

Physiopedia (UK Charity)

A useful reference source which also includes information about things like posture and osteoporosis.