John Hamblin

John Hamblin


Founder of Aging 2.0 Halifax

John Hamblin is the founder of Aging 2.0 Halifax, an independent Not for Profit company associated with the Silicon Valley based organisation Aging 2.0, which has more than 130 Chapters around the world aimed at supporting the development of products and services for Seniors.

John is also on the Board of Community Links Nova Scotia, an organisation aimed at supporting seniors in all aspects of their lives throughout Nova Scotia. Over the last 5 years John has been heavily involved in senior’s related projects and initiatives including co-chairing a committee which consulted with seniors and organisations throughout the province of Nova Scotia on the requirements to allow the population to age well. This project resulted in the Nova Scotia government action plan for seniors and the publication of the “Shift” initiative for seniors. He also designed and presented a variety of seminars for seniors throughout North America identifying opportunities for seniors to use their skills and expertise and participate in the economy by staying in the workforce or becoming entrepreneurs and building viable businesses.

In 2018, John initiated a pilot project which utilised newly developed software combined with voice response systems to provide independently living seniors in Nova Scotia with tools to minimise social isolation and improve their daily lives through simplified, voice activated communications and improved access to information.

In 2019, John built a demo “smart suite” containing a wide variety of smart devices which has been utilised to train seniors in the use of these technologies and to demonstrate how these devices allow seniors to live better and be more in control of their environment and lives. The plan has been adjusted to reflect the impact of Covid-19 and the suite that was created will be utilised to develop virtual training and webinars for seniors.

Most recently, John has been working on a major project to permit individuals who are severely disabled to be more independent and to thus enhance their quality of life. This initiative uses voice technology and newly developed hardware and interfaces to allow the users to operate a wide variety of devices including electric beds, electronic door openers and other devices by using their voice, a tablet or other communication methods.

As well, John is currently part of a worldwide team created by Aging2 aimed at “Crossing theDigital Divide”. This team is examining all aspects, requirements and impediments to ensuring seniors everywhere can take full advantage of technology to live better lives.

John has very recently been appointed to the Age Well National Industry Advisory Committee aimed at supporting seniors in ageing well in their homes. In Nova Scotia, John is now working on a major project to establish a “Living Lab” which will bring together seniors, students, people of all ages as well as support organisations to create, develop, test and pilot products aimed at the rapidly growing seniors and health/care markets in a“live” environment in both rural and metropolitan settings throughout Nova Scotia.