Dr. Vida Alizad

Vida Alizad,
Brisbane, Australia


Visiting Scholar

Institution: Queensland University of Technology 

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Primary Research Interests

Primary activities relating to ACT Assess & Connect 

Vida is a movement neuroscientist with an occupational therapy background and joined the ACT research network (Previously known as EASY-Care research network) in 2009. Vida has conducted a number of validation studies to evaluate psychometric properties of ACT Assess & Connect tool (EASY-Care Standard Instrument) based on the Classic Test Theory and Item-Response Theory. She has used this information to better understand  the concept of functional independence from perspectives of older people across different cultures.   

Alongside a network of five universities in Iran, Vida is in the currently planning a feasibility study using the ACT Assess & Connect tool in Iran. Vida has also collaborated with colleagues to develop the Farsi translation of the digitised Assess & Connect tool.