Charles Bark,


Founder & CEO

Institution: University of Sorbonne

Organisation:  HiNounou

Country: China, France

Primary Research Interests


Charles has graduated from Oxford, HEC Paris and UTC and is fluent in French (native), English, Chinese and Korean. He is a Senior International Director whose career spans 10 years in Executive Education, 20 years in Innovation Digital Transformation including 10 years of general management, in both corporate and entrepreneurial environment. 

He has lived and worked in Europe, Africa and Asia and his experience ranges from R&D, Consulting to Business developments in {Bio-Med-Insur} TECH in 4 continents. For the past 16 years, he is based in Shanghai and scale up Digital Health Innovation in Preventive Care, Healthy Longevity for Older Adults and Chronic Patients in 12 countries. He is passionate to facilitate Innovative Digital Transformation in Healthcare pathway worldwide. His latest consultancy in APAC region was to define the Universal Health Coverage 2.0 for the World Economic Forum with KPMG and Sanofi.  

After a combined 12Y R&D in 4 countries, Charles founded his startup HiNounou Intelligent Robot. HiNounou is AI Predictive Healthcare Data Platform company that helps Seniors and Chronic Disease Patients to live Longer, Healthier and Happier at home.