Catherine Hennessy

Catherine Hennessy,


Professor of Ageing
Institution: University of Stirling
Location: Crieff, Scotland

Primary Research Interests: Health-related quality of life; public health gerontology; long-term care; ethnicity and ageing; family caregiving; needs assessment in long-term care.

Research activities relating to the ACT™Assessment approach: major area of my research has been on the provision of long-term care to older adults. This has included ethnographic studies of the care management process encompassing needs assessment, service planning and care monitoring. These studies have examined issues such as the reliability of needs assessment instruments when used by different disciplines (e.g., nursing and occupational therapy)and in different settings; and how needs assessment information is translated into care plans by multidisciplinary care management teams. Another important focus of my research has been on cultural variation in family carers’ perceptions of the burdens associated with elder care.