Paul Clarkson

Paul Clarkson


Senior Lecturer in Social Care/Deputy Director

Institution: Social Care and Society, Division of Population Health, University of Manchester

Location: Manchester, England, UK

Primary Research Interests


Paul is an analyst and methodologist working on social care and dementia trials and on the use of digital data within care homes.  He works with the Digital Health and Care Working Group at the University of Manchester to find solutions to assist organisations working with older people: enhanced assessment tools, working with data tracking older people’s care and evaluating person-centered approaches. Paul is currently evaluating initiatives that provide person-centered support to older people with dementia living at home.  


In conversation with...

Michele Boden, Head of the ACT Research Network, speaks to Paul Clarkson, Senior Lecturer in Social Care/Deputy Director from The University of Manchester, about how he started his career in the social care sector and how his future plans to start a feasibility acceptability study using the ACT Assess & Connect tool.