Olu Orugboh



Chief Operating Officer 

Olu Orugboh is the Chief Operating Officer of Age Care Technologies®. Her main role is to design ACT’s Business Model Canvass and Operating Models as well as help shape and drive ACT’s strategic development. 

Olu is the CEO and Founder of a specialist customer experience management consultancy practice, focussed on helping companies stay at the forefront of evolving technology and the ever-changing world of customer expectations, whilst remaining resilient and futureproofing their business. As a senior leader and seasoned professional with over 20 years’ experience,  leading businesses through change, transformation and migration into digital environments, Olu has assisted a range of companies from start-ups, through to high growth scale ups to FTSE listed companies  both in the UK and Internationally to  embrace digital technology, safely, whilst remaining resilient and responsive to the rapidly changing environment.

Olu has deep international experience, assisting enterprises  to turnaround their failing operations through to putting in place infrastructures to support growth initiatives and introduce digital innovation.  She  has extensive business experience having had the opportunity, through both through her own business and other executive level and mentoring positions to shape the strategy for a wide array of businesses and introduce digital technology, providing a range of companies with the opportunity to speed up response and enhance the quality of that response, which she believes to be vital in the delivery of an agile business.

Olu is highly committed to assisting organisations to become resilient and future proofed, and with growing the impact of digital technology in underserved communities.