Du Peng

Du Peng,


Vice President & Professor

Institution: Renmin University of China

Country: China

Primary Research Interests

Primary activities relating to ACT Assess & Connect 

Du is a member of the ACT Subgroup for Comparative Population Studies.  


Prof. Du has been teaching at Renmin University of China since July 1992. He was Deputy Director of Department of Population at the School of Sociology and Population Studies, Director of the Research Office, and Director of the Organization Department. He became Vice President of RUC in July 2017.  

His main research fields are aging population, policy on aging issues, population and development. He has taught courses on Aging Population, Economics of Aging and Population Generality. He has also published and edited many books, including Study on the Aging Process of Chinese Population, Aging Issues and Policies in EU, Retrospect and Prospect: Studies on Chinese Elderly Care, Chinese Population in the New Century: Analysis on the 5th National Demographic Census, Study on Chinese Rural Disabled People and Social Security, Translation Collection of Contemporary Gerontology, etc.