In Conversation with Ian Philp

IN Conversation with... Ian Philp In this interview series, Michele Boden, speaks to members of the the ACT™ Research Network. Michele Boden, Head of the ACT™ Research Network, speaks to Age Care Technologies® founder Ian Philp about his career, interest in Gerontology and development of the ACT™ Assessment tool and methodology. GET MORE INformation Interested … Continue reading In Conversation with Ian Philp

How do we fix social care?

With an average of 105,000 daily vacancies advertised and a near doubling of staff absences in the previous 12 months to date, the adult social care sector is facing an incredibly though challenge in the recruitment and staff retention.1 Coupled with an ageing population, there is an increasing in need for reform within the social care sector and easier access to quality care providers for millions of vulnerable people throughout the UK in order to tackle rising levels of unmet needs.