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ACT™ Assessment identifies the concerns and priorities of older people and connects them to local sources of support to meet their needs. It is based on thirty years of international research and development and delivers on the WHO guidelines for preventive, person-centred integrated care. Use of ACT™ Assessment helps improve wellbeing, independence, social connection and healthy behaviours, extend healthy active life and reduce hospital and long-term costs of care.

Describes patterns of population needs & trends in healthy active life

measures the outcomes of interventions
addresses what really matters to older people
Adds an average of one extra year of quality life


key domains which provide a holistic picture of health
threats to health, independence & wellbeing identified
peer reviewed publications of ACT products

The ACT™ Assessment targets resources to meet the priorities of the older person and generates unique data for policy-makers, commissioners and providers of products and services about the things which really matter to older people and the impact of interventions on individual and population health.


'The implementation of ACT opened a dialogue among older people, community members and health service providers to identify and address various concerns.'

Health Nest Uganda
'Solutions derived from the ACT™ Assessment of older people’s concerns focused on community services not medication, which has lead to increased investments in these vital services.'

Bridlington, UK

'ACT has helped us understand how older people see the world differently than we as service providers do.'

Northwood, Canada

'ACT has now been adapted into a restorative care model.'


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