People are living longer

Today’s wealthy countries are facing the challenge of having populations with larger numbers of older people than children under five years old. Countries with rapid economic development are currently experiencing the fastest rate of ageing. Poor countries are becoming older before they become richer.

All countries need to respond to the challenge of ageing populations.


Older people’s needs are not being met

An ever increasing ageing population comes hand in hand with rising costs of care. However, as it stands, the needs of older people for health, independence and wellbeing are not currently being met.

It is essential that policy-makers are provided with accurate information about the things which matter most to older people.


Caregivers have little training

Most caregivers are family members, friends, close neighbours or unpaid volunteers within the local community. Most paid care workers are underpaid and don’t hold any formal or professional qualifications.

Training systems for all caregivers need to be developed for use at scale.


We offer solutions

The Age Care Technologies® vision for improving the lives of older people is delivered via three key components;  ACTTM Assessment, ACTTM Training and ACTTM Analytics.

Age Care Technologies® provides simple and easily managed solutions, tailored to individual needs.

Our journey so far

  • Problem Definition: Old People at Home, The Lancet 

    Two-thirds of the most serious threats to older people’s health, independence and well-being are not reported.     
  • Solution: Assessment System for Use in Primary Care

    Assessment system designed by Ian Philp on a Research Fellowship at the University of Minnesota, as a solution to detect and respond to these threats. 



  • European Research and Development

    European research and development programmes undertaken to validate use of the approach to assessment and to develop accompanying training systems. 



  • Registration of Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property registered with the EasyCare Foundation Ltd, a not-for-profit Company, limited by guarantee. 



  • Global Research and Development

    Validation of assessment system in 50 poor, middle income and rich countries. Supports WHO programme for Healthy Ageing. 



  • Extension of Training

    Extension of training for caregivers to cover the Essentials of Caregiving, developed in partnership with an international expert group.

  • Implementation

    Age Care Technologies Ltd is formed, with exclusive rights for global commercialisation of assessment and training tools, with secondary analysis of derived data, using a bespoke platform. 



  • Product Offer

    Age Care Technologies offers ACT Assessment, ACT Training and ACT Analytics to international community at Silver Economy Forum, Helsinki